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Glossary of terms

Vehicle Counter

Vehicle counters are used to keep accurate count of the number of cars in a parking with limited capacity. This involves counting the cars that enter the parking as well as counting the cars that exit the parking.

There are two types of counters used as vehicle counters. Selecting the right vehicle counter depends on the setup and purpose of counting.

Single Counter Method:

If you just want to keep track of the vehicles remained in the parking, you may use the AST2 plus-minus counter. With this counter you push the blue add button when a car enters the parking and you push the red negative button for each car exiting the parking. The number displayed is the number cars remained in the parking. When activated, an audible "beeper" sounds every count to verify that a count has been registered. All electronic components provide a long life counter with no moving parts to wear out. The counter is manufactured from impact-resistant plastic, combining lightweight with outstanding durability. Vehicle Counter, Digital two way counter

Benefits of AST2 Hand Operated Vehicle Counter:
Adds and subtracts
Beeps at every count
Very low cost
Easy to read large LCD display
No mechanical parts to wear out
Cannot accidentally reset or turn off
Ergonomically designed for ease of use
Long life battery typically 250 days (with beep off)


  • Beep at every count with the option of switching the sound off for silent operation
  • Cannot accidentally reset or turn off; On/Off/Reset button must be held down for 3 seconds to reset
  • Large LCD display with blue backlight & large rubber buttons for comfort of use
  • Light weight ergonomically designed for ease of use and carrying cord


Display: 4-digit LCD 0.64" [11mm] high
Color: Black case with blue buttons (Add Only) or blue and red buttons
Reset: Push button
Dimensions: 3.36" L x 1.5" W (at hand grip, 2.19 at top) x 0.73" D
[86mm x 46mm x 19mm]


Press On/Off/Reset button to power ON the unit
Press the + button to Add, Press the - button to subtract
To reset counter, press the On/Off/Reset button for 3 seconds
To switch the sound On/Off at any time, place switch on right side of unit in down position
To turn Off, press the On/Off/Reset for 3 seconds when counter display is at 0
To activate blue backlight, press the On/Off/Reset button twice within a
second. Backlight will turn off after 5 seconds.

Dual Counter Method:

In addition to the count of cars in a parking, you may also need to keep track of the total number of cars entered and the total number of cars exited the lot. This is where you use a dual counter system.

One counter will be marked and dedicated to the cars entering the parking and another counter will be marked and used for the cars exiting the parking.

Mechanical desktop counters are the preferred  choice for this method of counting. The base of the counter has two screw holes allowing you to mount the counters permanently on a table. You may also use additional counters to keep track of specific type of cars such as trucks and busses.

Product Code: DSKCTR

Mechanical Desktop Counter, Vehicle Counter


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