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Traffic Counter

Do you need to buy mechanical traffic counters? traffic counters are used to count the number of cars who enter parking lots, roads, and other public places.

MiniScience offers two types of manual traffic counters. The first type include slow mechanical counters for light traffic. The second type include high speed digital traffic counters.

Mechanical Traffic Counters:

MS504 traffic counters are available in metallic shells and in industrial yellow plastic shells.

Each traffic counter comes in a separate color box that makes it a perfect choice for retail, gift and promotions.

Where to buy Mechanical Traffic Counters?

Mechanical Traffic Counters

Electronic/ Digital Traffic Counters:

ECTR traffic counters are high speed digital counters for counting cars in a fast moving traffic. This handheld electronic counter is designed for fast and reliable count. Counting speed may be up to 4 counts per second. Made of high-impact plastic casing for durability, lightweight, and easy-to-read LCD display. Traffic Counter, High speed digital counter

Where to buy Digital Traffic Counter?

Traffic counters are also used to count passengers, visitors or customers. Depending on the speed of traffic you may choose between the high speed digital counter and low speed digital or mechanical counters.

Passenger counters are used by airlines, trains and bus companies to make sure that all passengers are getting on board.

For wholesale orders, large orders and continuous orders please call Mohammad Hamzeh at: (973) 777-8667.

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