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Digital Ergonomic Counter

Digital Hand Counter, Model ECTR (Also known as MP3 Counter)

The benefit of electronic durability combined with elegant ergonomic design make this counter a natural best choice for fast and accurate counting applications.

Large and high contrast display makes it easy to read. The reset button is small and is slightly indented to avoid accidental reset. Count button is large and produces a click that is felt and heard for reliable operation. The battery compartment is located on the side for quick and easy access.
      Product Code: ECTR

Ergonomic Digital Tally Counter
ECTR counters come in glossy beige/ gray color with black and metallic trims around the display and the count button. 

This handheld electronic counter is designed for fast and reliable count. Counting speed may be up to 4 counts per second. Made of high-impact plastic casing for durability, lightweight, and easy-to-read LCD display. (Good for slow and fast counting applications).

Product Specifications:

5-digit counting with guarded reset button. Comes with a lace and may be hanged like a necklace. Detail specifications are:

  • Electronic hand tally counter with ergonomic design
  • Measuring range up to 99999
  • Fast reset-to-zero button
  • Robust plastic housing
  • Color glossy gray/ beige with black and metallic trim
  • Maximum Counting Rate 5/sec
Recommended uses:
  • People Counter
  • Traffic Tally
  • Cargo Tally
  • Livestock counter
  • Inventory counter
  • Other numerous counter jobs      

(use it for fast Counts)

Also see Slow Counters

Unit size: 33 x 84 mm
Imprint size: 30 mm
Weight: 25 g
Product code: ECTR [individually boxed]

Digital hand counters with ergonomic design are available in wholesale and retail.                                                 Price and Availability

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