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Desktop Counter (Desktop Tally)

Desktop tally counters are similar to hand-held counters with an added base so they can be used while sitting on a table. The base on the desktop tally counters has 2 screw holes so you may permanently mount them on a table or work site.  Desktop tally counters are very useful for offices and work sites where counting is not very frequent. Recommended uses are Doctors offices, airport, shipside, warehouse, temple, factories and any other place where the work is done while sitting at a desk.

Desktop counters are used for:

Desktop tally counter
  • Checking attendance at large meetings, assemblies, etc.
  • Client Counter
  • Blood cell counter
  • Production Counter
  • Other numerous counter jobs

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Banks of counters

Desktop counters can also be a bank of 2 to 10 counters. The counters in one bank count separately, but they are reset all together.

Desktop counter bank of 3

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