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The provides counters for many different uses; Traffic Analyzers, Autism / Behavior Counters, Research Counters, Inventory Counters, Livestock Counters, blood cell counters and Industrial Counters.

We have a large variety of different counters to meet all of your needs.

Our quality, durability and low cost make these counters your solution for industrial businesses, scientific research, autism / behavior counting, churches, concert venues, tourism and more!

These Counters are requested specifically for Traffic Analyzers, Stadium Counters, inventory Counters and Industrial line Counters. Fast Shipping! Secure online ordering!. All Counters come with 100% guarantee!

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Our quality, durability and low cost make our advanced and professional counters your solution for industrial businesses, scientific research, churches, concert venues, tourism and other heavy duty applications.  We also carry very low cost, basic hand counters for students and occasional uses.

Hand Tally Counter

Hand tally counters are very useful and necessary not only in home but also in the airport, shipside, warehouse, farm, temple, factories and so on. Hand tally counters can help people to easily count and remember the counts. 

Hand tally counter is also known as Hand Tally, Hand Counter and Tally Counter. Read more...

Blood Cell Counters

Known as cell counters, the desktop models are used in biology labs and include either 5 or eight counters in each device.

Industrial Counters

Industrial counters are stroke counters or action counters used in a large varieties of machines including stamping, printing, packaging and Vending machines.

The Model 1400 is one of our popular mechanical counters in a case designed for rugged and corrosive environments.

Easy base mounting and manual reset coupled with the long life design make this counter ideal for use on machine tools, vending machines, and main industrial applications. Lever is returned to original position by an internal spring. Units are available in 5-digit configurations.

Electronic Counters

Electronic counters are an alternative to mechanical counters. With very light weight, electronic counters have some advantage for people who need to carry their counter. The attached string makes it possible to hang the counter on your neck. Battery is included.

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